Wednesday 10 October 2007

Music And Buildings, Songs and Structural Soul


Taj Mahal vs Kashmir

Pompidou Centre vs Daft Punk

Centrepoint vs Another Brick In The Wall

I have been surrounded by building designs my whole life, visited numerous construction sites on my dad's shoulders and taken it all in without thinking.

Design has lived with me naturally through my years, and since I have recently developed my songwriting I have been looking for and finding parallels between songs, moods, and architectural designs....buildings. A building can have a musical soul and I want to start some random gibbering about it!

Are you a musician, a song writer, a band member, or just a music lover, who can associate the feelings that come within certain songs to buildings? Are your own songs inspired by buildings? Or even structural objects (bridges, sculptures... whatever you like).

If yes, please join in and add to this list! And it doesn't have to be serious or over intellectual (unless you want it to be). If the local portaloo inspires you then so be it!

Please add your association on the myspace, or write with it to



Gaffer said...

Don't know how to post pics or music, but The Gherkin always makes me think of "Lick My Love Pump" by Spinal Tap

eliza wren payne said...

i am loving this. i am the daughter of an architect....although, my mom just recently became my song, alleluiah, i think of a girl sitting on the top of a hill and staring at an old cathederal with great big stained glass windows.

blogpass said...

haha, Led Zepplin Kashmir & Taj Mahal ... that's awesome!!

Anonymous said...

Casa Batllo : Maria's Beautiful Mess, Ellis Paul. Casa Batllo is the only building that has ever made me stop and think 'wow'. It's the kind of place where my mind instantly starts making up stories of what has happened under the arched roof.

The English Garden in Battersea Park: Feels Like Home, Chantal Kreviazuk. I know I know, technically this is not a building, but it is a structure. This is my favourite place in London. It's peaceful, it has the best bench in the world and it seems to have magical calming down powers. Bar the bench, at least physically, so is/does the song.

'Livshjulet' in the Vigelands Park in Norway and Wheel by John Mayer. Check it and you'll see :)

Unknown said...

Nelsons column always makes me think of London Calling by the clash. Strangely only when i see it abroad in a magazine!!! Explain that???

Gaffer said...

"Apparently it was where prisoners used to be 'stored' before they were shipped off on transport boats to Australia in 'ye olde days'."

Sorry to be a pendant, but it wasn't 'ye olde days', it was 'days of yore', which preceded 'ye olde days' by a century and a half.

Anonymous said...

This campaigns really interesting and certainly very dear to my own heart...

I have always found that the urbis museum in Manchester has a very futuristic and modern look and feel, which makes me think of 'Intergalactic' by the Beastie Boys, which incidentally has a video that's very fitting as well!

Since stumbling across this page I have started to think more about the subject and correlation.

How about Love Gun by Kiss for just about any building in Vegas or Candle in the wind, which now always makes me think of Westminster Abbey, Princess Diana and the huge space inside, which could be interpreted as emptiness.

Anonymous said...

This one is more of an old classic for a particular time, weather and skyline. Waterloo bridge walking northwards with parliament on the left and the City on the right, early winter's morning, clear sky and bright red sun, the song in stark contradiction though is Waterloo Sunset (by the Kinks or David Bowie, no preference).

A more current and possible relevant song / building combo - "Fortunate Son" by Creedence and...The White House!

And finally, for some reason, Bank of England reminds me of "Feed the Birds" by Mary Poppins (rather than St Pauls which is what the song is about).

Good Luck!!!

Anonymous said...

I find lots of mod/early punk records make me think of London in general, not necessarily specific buildings - although 'London Calling' does, of course, remind me of London Bridge. And the Sex Pistols song 'Anarchy in the UK' always makes me think of Buckingham Palace, more so than 'God Save The Queen' in fact!

Karim Fanous said...

an addition from another message board:

'Centre-Point' and 'The Only Way is Up'


Anonymous said...

The Arab lighting laboratory by my husband and Rocket Man by Elton John!

Anonymous said...

"Music and Building" is a very good subject to talk about.
As an architect, I think all structures,walls and columns are like music, all decorations and details are lyric, that give meaning to the building.

Anonymous said...

I have always had a big feeling for space in recording, and many of the studios i have been in over the years while being great recording rooms thend to be dark oppresive places, spiritually void, the studio i had at the Lexington in EC1 was my favrite room, it had light , air, space. everything studios tend not to have , it invioted you into its outside spaces and made you forget that iw as bout to disect yur soul and inner self to get that song onto pro tools, i could spend hours up there and not tire, in fact for a very ong time i rarely left than room, in fact once i was handcuffed and led out by a troop of cops!!!
i thik that room imprinted it self on to many poeples recordings, it had a good sound , and it had a good vibe, i was of course the weakest link, goodbye

Anonymous said...

Lets not forget the Rat Pack - their tunes basically embody Las Vegas, actually thinking about it, Elvis does the same.

Johnny Cash makes me think of Jack Daniels and those black and white adverts set in the JD sheds!

Anonymous said...

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